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sntv delivers new premium digital content experience with sntvPlay

sntv, the world’s leading sports news video provider, has launched sntvPlay, a premium digital content service offering daily multi-sport video, tailored for digital platforms.

Delivering a wide range of global sports coverage, including digitally-cleared highlights and news stories of the day from major sporting leagues and events, sntvPlay provides content for global digital audiences.

Ideal for online publishers, social channels, mobile apps and OTT platforms, the fully produced stories are ready-to-publish directly to platforms without any additional production.  Featuring the most significant sports stories, along with viral and trending content, the daily feed is professionally curated and optimised to drive engagement with audiences and maximise advertising revenue

With the ability to provide territorial-specific feeds, this new content solution provides digital partners rights-cleared content for their territory and platform

James Dobbs, Managing Director of sntv, said “As the sports media landscape continues to fragment and become increasingly digitally focused, fans expect the best content to be available where they want when they want. sntvPlay enables our digital publishers to satisfy this ever-growing demand, with a guaranteed source of premium sports content that will build audiences and drive revenue.” 

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