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sntv has been the world’s leading sports video partner since its inception in 1996. We were created as a joint venture between The Associated Press and IMG, combining our expertise to ensure our cameras and crew can be in place anywhere in the world putting our global network of media partners inside every story. We don’t just cover the story, we take you inside it with unparalleled speed, accuracy and substance, delivering more firsts and more exclusives than any other sports video agency. 

We specialise in providing a unique and unrivalled blend of premium sports action and sports video news in the correct format and timeframe for both broadcasters and digital publishers globally. Our video content is produced and curated by our dedicated editorial teams across the globe.

Over the years sntv has developed relationships with over 200 sporting federations covering over 40 sports, creating over 76 unique videos per day and over 30,000 stories per year, bringing you ever closer to your audience, whatever sport is their passion. Today, 400+ media organisations across broadcast, digital and social, rely on our content 365 days a year to fulfil their business needs. 

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SNTV - Global reach and local knowledge

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