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sntv broadcast

Access to approx. 90 unique sports news and highlights videos per day. Available in a newsroom ready format with scripts and shotlists so you can fully customise and edit, to minimise turnaround time.

sntv digital

Between 30-45 digitally cleared sports news and highlights videos per day, including our graphics-led feature videos cleared across all digital platforms including tablet, mobile, websites and connected TV’s.

sntv archive

Offering extended rights on all sntv's self-shot news content beyond the initial 14-day window. Our historic archive content ranges from major sporting events to interviews with sporting legends. A great source of first class content for production and magazine purposes. 

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  • 1,700+ hours
  • of video content per year

What do we cover? 

From soccer to sailing, tennis to taekwondo, cricket to cliff diving our selection of sports can’t be beat. 

We live and breathe sports, so we choose to cover more competitions than anyone else. We bring you coverage of all major sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games, the European Championships, Grand Slam tennis, major golf tournaments, Formula 1 and so much more. We also get you UEFA Women’s soccer, Women’s Open Golf, men’s and women’s Rugby, plus marathons, the Asian Games and large selection of bizarre and niche sports.

Thanks to our connection with the Associated Press network, our crews are on the ground quickly. For example, we broke the story of match fixing in Algeria, we covered the FIFA corruption scandal, and the Indian team’s doping scandal at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. 

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