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  • sntv is the only video news agency dedicated solely to sports
  • Over twenty years of experience
  • More than 450 broadcast and 1,000 digital clients worldwide
  • Delivery of over 45 unique stories daily
  • Working with the best partners in the world of sports and news, IMG and The Associated Press
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  • Global presence with six international offices
  • 740 hours of footage annually

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At sntv, we have dedicated over 22 years to providing the top quality sports video content. Whether it’s highlights from the biggest sporting events or breaking sports news, we have one mission: to provide the most engaging, most accurate and most timely sport videos that your audience wants to see. 

  • World-class quality

    Over 22 years of experience providing the world-class content.

  • Client focused

    Dedicated solely to delivering the best in sport journalism for our clients

  • Experienced Editorial team

    Our sports news gathering excels with the knowledge and experience of our sports journalists.

  • Global reach

    Due to our partnership with The Associated Press, we can offer our clients unparalleled news gathering reach.

  • Reliable service

    Our 24-hour Sports News Desk is always there to help our customers get the nuances and depth of a story they desire.