why choose sntv?

At sntv we have dedicated over 20 years to providing you with the best quality sports video content, whether it be highlights from the biggest sporting events or breaking sports news, with one mission – providing you with the most engaging, accurate and timely sport content that your audience wants to see. 

  • Experience: Over 20 years of experience.
  • Focus: Dedication solely to delivering the best in sport journalism.
  • Mission & Values: The most reliable and consistent service in the most premium quality.
  • Extensive reach: Going places, no one else reaches. Getting you inside every sports news story matters to us.
  • More news & highlights coverage: Unrivalled highlights coverage. More than 16,500 stories per year.
  • Customer Service: Twenty four hour editorial access and going the extra mile for you.
  • Trusted & reliable service: 320+ broadcasters or 650+ TV channels and 800+ digital clients worldwide rely on us every day.

benefits of choosing sntv

  • Sports dedicated journalists with over 20 years experience

    We pride ourselves in employing the most experienced passionate and dedicated production teams and sports journalists who deliver the most engaging content in a timely fashion.

  • Reliable & consistent service via our Sports News Desk 24 hours a day

    We provide material that is well-informed, more thorough and nuanced than the rest of the content available out there. Our clients have direct access to our editors and crews across all time zones.

  • Premium & unrivalled coverage 

    We only provide quality content to our clients and are the leaders in our field, due to our unmatched customer service and our unbeatable sports content. Thanks to our partnership with IMG and The Associated Press, sntv has the reach to cover events with unrivalled access. 

  • Raw and consumer-ready coverage

    Our coverage is available in raw newsroom-ready format of 3-6 minutes duration, ideal for further editing as well as professionally edited video clips of 60-90 seconds. Available with English subtitles, ambient sound or voiced in Mandarin, all ready to publish. 

  • Native soundbites 

    sntv places high priority on offering clients native soundbites from our sports video coverage.

  • Special requests coverage

    Our personalised service allows clients to contact our Sports News Desk directly 24 hours a day. Clients can benefit from requesting stories and our sports journalists always go the extra mile to get your audience inside every story.