Why choose sntv?

We are sports fans too!

We have some of the most experienced and dedicated people in the industry working for us. We bring that breadth of knowledge and passion to work for you every single day. 

  • Experience: Over 23 years of experience.
  • Focus: Dedicated solely to delivering the best in sport journalism.
  • Mission & Values: The most reliable and consistent service providing world-class content.
  • Extensive reach: Going places, no one else reaches. Getting you inside every sports news story matters to us.
  • More news & highlights coverage: Unrivalled coverage. More than 90+ unique stories per day.
  • Customer Service: 24 hour Sports News Desk for editorial enquiries going the extra mile for you.
  • Trusted & reliable service: 1,200+ global clients across broadcast and digital rely on us every day.

5 reasons you should choose sntv

  • Our quality: Dedicated to being the best 

    We are dedicated to delivering the best in sport journalism and our clients consistently tell us that we have the most reliable, accurate and consistent service around. 1,200+ media outlets worldwide across broadcast and digital rely on us every day for our expert news gathering and premium quality sports video footage. 

  • Our experience: Going strong after 23+ years 

    So that we deliver the most engaging content 365 days a year, we pride ourselves on employing the most experienced and passionate sports journalists and production teams around. Our team has been covering the biggest events and local competitions around the world since 1996, so when you hire us, you have all of that know-how built in. 

  • Depth and breadth:  More sports. More locations.  

    It’s thanks to our partnership of IMG and The Associated Press that we have unrivalled access to the biggest competitions and variety of events around the globe. But we don’t just do the international competitions, we go places no one else does to cover the stories around local matches too. So we know the backstory and capture stories that others miss.
    Our news teams on the ground cover all of the major events and many types of bizarre and unusual sports too. Plus we have more highlights coverage than anyone else. 

  • Customer service: Available to you 24 hours a day

    We provide material that is well-informed, more thorough and nuanced than the rest of the content available out there. Plus our partners have direct access to editors and crews across all time zones meaning that you can get inside each story 24/7 to understand each nuance, or get help understanding complicated rights and restrictions. Our team will go above and beyond to help you get it right.

  • Special requests: We go the extra mile  

    Our personalised service means that you can contact our Sports News Desk with special requests at any point and we try to go the extra mile for you.