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Brisbane awarded the 2032 Summer Olympic Games

Today the IOC awarded the 2032 Summer Olympic Games to Brisbane. Australia is now set to become a three-time Olympic host, with previous games in Sydney in 2000 and Melbourne in 1956.


Egyptian teenager reflects on journey into kite surfing

Egyptian teenager Karim Mahmoud - affectionately known as 'KIMO' - is a young kite surfer with much promise. He started kite surfing aged nine and the 19-year-old now lives in Portugal in order to train daily and recently took part in the GKA World Championship in Tarifa, Spain. 


Bamboo cricket bats hit traditional willow for six, suggests study

Engineers at the University of Cambridge have created a cricket bat from a new material that they claim is not only stiffer and stronger than traditional willow, but that's also more sustainable and potentially more affordable.

May 2021

Gareth Bale's agent Jonathan Barnett speaks to SNTV ahead of the end of the Premier League season

Gareth Bale endured a ‘rough time’ under former Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho, his agent Jonathan Barnett told SNTV.