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sntv celebrates 25 years of bringing top sports coverage to media organisations around the world

Since its inception in 1996, sntv has set the standard with fast, accurate and top-quality sports video news and event highlights. 

Today our unrivalled blend of premium sports action and news is relied upon by over 400 media organisations, across broadcast, digital and social, around the world, 365 days a year

Created as a joint venture between The Associated Press and IMG, their combined expertise has ensured our cameras and crews are in place at sports events around the world, putting our media partners inside every story. 

Throughout sntv's 25 years our brand values have remained at the heart of our service: Dedicated to all things sport, a Depth of content, a Reach that is unmatched and Customer Service at our core. 

We continue to push the boundaries to provide our clients with the very best sports news, providing in-depth and exclusive coverage from global events including 6 FIFA World Cups and 6 Summer Olympic Games, as well as regional events like the Africa Cup of Nations, the Asian Games and Copa Libertadores. Our extensive coverage around breaking news stories such as the European Super League, and Kobe Bryant’s death means we deliver more world firsts and exclusives to our partners. Our coverage wouldn’t be possible without our longstanding relationships with over 200 sports federations, covering over 40 sports, which enable us to be there for the moments the world is watching, allowing our clients to provide sports fans with the stories they crave. 

The media landscape looks very different to how it did in 1996; as it continues to fragment and our customer’s needs evolve, so do we. 

We have opened new offices around the world to better serve our partners – Brazil, Singapore, Dubai, China, and LA. Our dedicated Arabic service, launched in 1996, continues to provide an invaluable scripting service for our valued clients in the Middle East. 
The rise in digital and social consumption dictated a significant evolution of our service, providing more moment-led content and a new fully produced multi-sport product, sntvPlay, providing a daily feed of short-form sports video, ideal for online publishers, social channels, mobile apps and OTT platforms. From a client user experience, we now provide, cloud-based content delivery that offers a richer search and preview experience for sntv content and optimises newsroom integration. These delivery solutions include a robust API as well as MRSS for digital clients.

As sports fans are provided with evermore choice of content, the importance of driving engagement through authentic, branded storytelling has never been more important. With a globally engaged media network and a trusted position within the industry, sntv was uniquely positioned to help federations, sponsors and athletes identify compelling stories and amplify at scale. Therefore, early in 2021, we launched Story10, our commercial content division, providing clients with a real-time route to sports fans and audiences worldwide, all underpinned by detailed usage and insights reporting. To learn more about Story10, visit

As the industry continues to evolve, sntv's service and goal remains consistent. To put fans inside every story, whatever the sport, wherever it’s happening. 

James Dobbs, Managing Director, sntv: “sntv has a fantastic legacy and maintains its position as a market leader in what is a hugely competitive industry.

"Technology may change, teams rise and fall and athletes come and go, but the one constant is the fans desire for premium sports coverage and the ability to stay across the moments that matter, and this is what sntv does best. 

"We listen closely to the industry, our clients and their audiences, and it is through these learnings that we continue to adapt and lead the way in authentic sports news and storytelling.

Andrew Parkinson, Managing Editor, sntv: “Having been here since the beginning, it’s been amazing to see the journey sntv has been on. It’s been great to work alongside fantastic colleagues over the years, who have helped make sntv the success it is today.” 

With sntv by your side you can bring the sports stories that matter to your audience. Find out more about the sntv difference and how we can help you with your sports coverage plans at 

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