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sntv launches new commercial division with Story10

sntv, a joint venture between IMG and The Associated Press, has launched Story10, an audience engagement network that helps the world’s leading brands, federations and sports organisations place themselves and their messaging at the heart of the sports news agenda. 

Distributing video worldwide to over 400 broadcast, digital and social media outlets every day, Story10 delivers the reach, engagement and credibility essential to any global campaign. Story10 is partnering with sports stakeholders to identify and amplify content that drives engagement and relevance with sports fans. The business has already delivered services for Extreme E, SailGP and Royal Ascot, as well as premium brands including Puma, Mercedes, Heineken and ABB.

The service enables brands to respond to culture-shaping issues and amplify messaging with purpose-led editorial addressing globally relevant topics including mental health, well-being, sustainability and diversity or other socially relevant subjects. Story10 calls on the experience of sntv's strong editorial team to advise and craft bespoke branded content that matches the values of brands and sporting organisations and distribute to targeted audiences across all platforms. Coupled with real-time data detailing how content is performing, Story10 enables clients to make informed decisions on content strategy and provides transparent ROI.

James Dobbs, Managing Director at sntv, said: “As the media landscape continues to fragment, the ability to deliver compelling branded content directly to fans is more important than ever. Story10’s ability to identify great human and sporting stories and place them at the heart of the sports conversation offers a unique way for brands to engage their key audiences.”

He added: “Story10 is in the privileged position to understand what the audience is demanding and to work with our clients to help deliver it. Situations where brands successfully amplify their message whilst delivering fans the content they crave are rare, but by helping tell stories that really matter, Story10 is able to create value on all fronts.”

Story10 is currently working with Extreme E and SailGP to increase global coverage and awareness of their series’ by delivering content from each event across sntv's global media network. Accompanying performance and insights data enables them to tailor their content strategy and demonstrate value to their stakeholders. On behalf of Royal Ascot, Story10 created and distributed unique strands of content across racing and lifestyle, and targeted key markets through bespoke PR outreach. The business has also worked with key sports stakeholders to amplify their purpose-led campaigns, including mental health awareness with Renault, sustainability with Mercedes and women in sport with Visa.

Story10 has access to video crews in territories worldwide and has regional production hubs in London, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles. 

About Story10
Story10 is an audience engagement network, driving authentic connections with sports audiences worldwide by putting brand messaging at the heart of the global sports conversation. Through our globally engaged distribution network, Story10 offers its clients a real-time route to sports fans and audiences worldwide, all underpinned by detailed usage and insights reporting. To learn more about Story10, visit

How Story10 can add value and propel brands globally:

  • Experienced video crews in every region
  • News relevant content ideation and creation
  • Global reach and exposure via our extensive distribution network
  • Social partner network to reach younger audiences
  • Bespoke PR amplification to target key markets
  • Content usage and insights reporting demonstrating ROI

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