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Podcast – The Business of Sport, ISC 

In the latest ISC podcast, our Managing Director, James Dobbs, unravels the fascinating journey of sports in the monetisation landscape and offers a glimpse into future trends.

Listen to the full episode below.

Podcast: The Business of Sport with James Dobbs

James sheds light on the challenges in sports monetisation, acknowledging financial disparities and the struggle to align strategies with audience demands. Advocating for investments and outlining content expectations, organisations face hurdles like limited budgets. As well as the delicate balance between investment, broadcast/sponsorship deals, and how audience reach resembles a chicken-and-egg scenario, prompting profound conversations on strategic investments.

He also delves into emerging trends in the sports media landscape, addressing concerns about illegal usage and piracy. SNTV stands out for its authenticity, collaborating exclusively with reputable news entities. The shifting consumer mindset, particularly among younger audiences, prioritises authenticity, fostering collaborations with social platforms to ensure genuine content. The podcast provides valuable insights into navigating these challenges and trends in the dynamic sports media industry.

Working with over 200 rights holders globally, SNTV produces and distributes exclusive content every day to more than 1,200 broadcast, digital and social media companies. SNTV specialises in the production and distribution of branded content, as well as optimisation and monetisation of content across social media channels.

James on his journey so far: "I am incredibly privileged, with the businesses that I have worked for. I was fortunate to work in slightly different roles at each, mainly stills at Getty and then moving into the video world with IMG and rights. But I think apart from just learning the ropes, it's the people I have met. We all say the sports industry is quite a small world, so you tend to come across people down the road, but I have been really lucky with the people I have worked alongside and got to learn from at those two establishments."

Listen to the full episode above or on the ISC website, also available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.