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sntv Insights – Rugby World Cup 2023

The Rugby World Cup took place between 8 September – 28 October 2023 and was hosted by France. The 10th edition wrapped up in grand fashion, marking a historic moment as South Africa secured their fourth title, and our crews were on the ground to capture it all. 

Just over a month since South Africa were crowned 2023 Champions, we take a deeper look at our coverage of the Rugby World Cup which focuses on content usage insights and stats.

  • Across the tournament news content distributed by sntv was used by 214 media outlets in 74 markets across the world. 
  • sntv's news content was used the most by media outlets in South Africa and significant media exposure was also recorded in France, Pan Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom. Outside of these top markets, coverage was also notable in markets with teams competing in the event, including ItalyIreland, Georgia, and Namibia.
  • Significant media exposure was also recorded in the United States, Turkey, Spain and Qatar.
  • 46% of media exposure was in Europe.
  • News content shot and distributed by sntv was used by media outlets for 147 hours, equalling over $20.3m of rate card advertising value.

Some of the most used sntv stories:

  • France confirm facial fracture for star Dupont, recovery date unknown
  • New Zealand train in build-up to Argentina semi-final
  • South Africa train ahead of final World Cup pool game against Tonga
  • England train ahead of semi-final with champions South Africa
  • South Africa gear up for defence of Rugby World Cup crown

Usage map of sntv news stories:



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