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FIFA World Cup

20 November - 18 December 2022

For Qatar 2022, the 22nd FIFA World Cup 32 teams competed for the coveted trophy and for the first time the tournament was held in November – December, in a reduced time frame of 29 days.

With expert knowledge gained over the last six FIFA World Cups, we knew how important this event was for you and your audiences, so we were there to ensure no story was missed. 

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Put your audience at the heart of the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup Finals

20 November - 18 December 2022

Once the tournament was underway our crews on the ground were producing a regular stream of relevant and appealing stories each day.

  • Crews on the ground: Our experienced journalists were in Qatar ahead of the tournament, capturing all the excitement and build-up.
  • Breaking news: Our on-site crews and fast turnaround ensured you and your audiences were updated with all the latest developments.
  • Viral clips: Stories that generated conversations and drove traffic to your platforms, including the funnier and more bizarre side of the tournament.
  • Ready-to-publish content: Fully produced, short-form stories and features, with graphics and subtitles focussed on key stories.

Our comprehensive news coverage

Our fast, accurate and top-quality news content was cleared for all platforms: 

  • Team and key player profiles
  • Native language soundbites
  • Venue and city profiles
  • Press conferences
  • Team training and squad announcements
  • Fan reaction including those at home
  • Winners returning home and victory parade

sntvPlay Photo Stories

sntvPlay delivered a dedicated FIFA World Cup premium content experience with our fully produced series of short-form video edits made up of photos from the tournament; ideal for broadcasters, online publishers, social channels, mobile apps and OTT platforms.  

Our FIFA World Cup Photo Stories provided snapshots of the significant moments from all 64 games, bringing all the matches to life for your audiences. 

Our content
  • Video edits consisting of photos from key match moments 
  • Videos for all 64 games  
  • Available approximately 90 mins after the final whistle of each game 
  • 1-2 min duration 
  • English language captions and headings
  • Ready-to-publish videos
  • Clean editable versions available

sntvPlay Photo Stories Example