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Sustainability is a key part of the sports news agenda

Sustainability is an ever-growing worldwide issue and sports federations, and brands are increasingly engaging and putting into action sustainability measures. 

Sustainability is a key part of the news sporting agenda
So, why is sustainability becoming so important?

Fan engagement 
Global sports fans, particularly the younger generation, are showing an"84.5% of sports organisations cited building trust of fans and participants as motivation" ever-growing awareness of the environmental and social impact that their sport has. Fans are increasingly looking to federations to provide transparent, clear and effective action through CSR initiatives, that have a beneficial impact on both people and the planet. This is reflected in a recent PwC survey, where 84.5% of sports organisations cited building trust of fans and participants as motivations to actively engage in social and environmental sustainability [1]. While a Nielsen Sport report stated that half the younger population globally say they have a greater interest in brands that act in a socially responsible way [2]. 

Revenue growth 
"sustainability programmes correlate with good financial performance"Although many think that implementing environmental measures such as using recyclable materials will mean that a company will take a significant financial hit, this is often not the case. In a recent McKinsey report their conclusion stated that sustainability programmes are not only strongly correlated with good financial performance but also play a role in creating it [3]. This was reiterated in a recent Nielsen Sport report, which predicted that rightsholders with a sustainability agenda are expected to have revenue growth of 11% over the next three years [2]. 

How can SNTV help? 

At SNTV we understand the importance of providing our clients with the stories that their audiences want to hear about. We work with our sports partners to provide our customers and their audiences with both relevant and engaging stories.

We recently distributed content with the Olympic US team and Ralph Lauren as they unveiled their new environmentally friendly Olympic attire. Ralph Lauren, who has been outfitting Team USA since 2008, worked with Dow on a cotton pre-treatment dyeing process that uses less water, chemicals and energy than more traditional methods, whilst using leather alternatives made from plant-based materials and agriculture byproducts free of synthetic plastics.

Another story we recently highlighted was on the new development in sustainable cricket bats. Engineers at the University of Cambridge have created a cricket bat from a new material that they claim is not only stiffer and stronger than traditional willow, but that's also more sustainable and potentially more affordable.

But it isn’t just one-off news stories, we work with our partners to provide year-round action highlights and news from sustainability-focused sporting properties such as Extreme E, Sail GP and W Series. By working with these rights holders, we can provide a wide breadth of global coverage on important sustainability issues for our clients. 

As your global sports news video partner, SNTV is committed to highlighting and covering sustainability issues across the globe. If you want to hear more about how we’re covering the events and stories that really matter, please contact us to find out more.

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