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sntv panel discussion at WFS Live 

sntv Managing Director, James Dobbs, joined Nora Strandberg Henriksson, Anouk Mertens and Charlie Beall for a panel discussion on ‘Creative ventures only: The Golden Age of Sports Content’ at the World Football Summit Live on Thursday 26 November 2020. 

The discussion focused on the increased adoption of mobile video viewership, and how clubs, leagues and federations must use social media to stay relevant and tap into this massive market, as the battle for eyeballs becomes increasingly competitive. 

With only 45 minutes to discuss such a broad and interesting topic the panellists had their work cut out. Below is a summary of the key discussion points: 


The panellists started by talking about content and in particular how authenticity is key for produced content. By ensuring that clubs, brands or federations are telling a story convincingly, including the highs as well as the lows, content would be more widely consumed by far greater audiences not just exisiting fans. 

Power of the sports star

The power of the sports star was another key consideration highlighted by the panel. It was noted that fans crave to get closer to their favourite stars, through behind scenes content or exclusive interviews. James said, “Athletes drive more engagement than the organisations they represent. If you create content with a top-level athlete like LeBron James, Messi or Serena Williams then it will perform well. Athletes now, more so than the organisations they represent, are the drivers of engagement.” 


The panel also discussed monetisation. All agreed that broadcast live rights would remain very important, but that exclusivity was less possible in the digital space. The digital space represents a huge global shop, full of a wide variety of audiences and it was noted that rights holders and federations tend to put out teaser lower-quality content while retaining premium content on their platforms. In doing this though they are likely to only be connecting with audiences that are already engaged fans, whilst turning off wider audiences. James commented, “The more barriers they knockdown the more success they will have.”


The final discussion area was around the importance of measuring the content being produced. SNTV can provide clubs, brands and federations with real-time data and show them the effectiveness of their campaigns, so they can be super strategic when planning, and aligning their content accordingly to different territories. 

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