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sntv Insights – World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic took place between 15 – 17 May 2023 and was hosted across Japan, Taiwan and the USA. Our self-shot news coverage across the event included press conferences, training footage, game highlights and fan reaction. 

We take a deeper look at our coverage of The World Baseball Classic which focuses on content usage insights and stats. 

  • Across The World Baseball Classic event, news content shot on the ground by sntv was used by over 80 media outlets and in 31 different markets
  • sntv's news content was used the most by media outlets in Taiwan and significant media exposure was also recorded in China, Japan, South Korea and the USA. Outside of these top markets, coverage was also popular in Mexico, who were knocked out in the Semi-Finals by Japan, and in notable markets with teams competing in the event, including Australia, Czech Republic, Italy, the UK and across Pan-Latin America

  • sntv served fans interested in the World Baseball Classic across the world. YouGov Global Fans Profiles reported that the World Baseball Classic has the biggest fan following in Japan and Taiwan and is well followed in Brazil, Mexico, China and the USA, all of which were reached by sntv

  • 49% of the media outlets who used our content operate in Asia/Australia.

  • News content shot by sntv was used for over eight hours by media outlets which equalled over $1.16m of rate card advertising value

Some of the most used sntv stories:

  • Ohtani "WBC win one of the best moments of my life"
  • Cheers and tears in Tokyo as Japan celebrates World Baseball Classic title
  • Ohtani and Japan reflect on dramatic WBC semifinal win
  • Almost Sho-time! Shohei Ohtani and Japan prep in Osaka for WBC
  • "From here on...each game will be crucial" Ohtani and Japan set for final WBC title push

Usage map of sntv news stories

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