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sntv launches
#WeSeeAnAthlete campaign

SNTV today launched its #WeSeeAnAthlete campaign to nudge the media industry to deliver equal comprehensive sports coverage of female and male athletes to their audiences.

Sitting at the core of SNTV’s values – coverage of sport in depth and breadth - the campaign calls for seeing a great sport moment for what it is, whether we see a female or male athlete, #WeSeeAnAthlete. 

Punctuated with the motto: “we see a hero, we see an inspiration, we see talent, we see an athlete”, the #WeSeeAnAthlete campaign features some of the most popular sports figures in history from Billie Jean King and Serena Williams to Jessica Ennis-Hill, and some lesser-known ones like F1 Saudi driver Aseel Al-Hamad.

With women’s sport only accounting for 7% of total sports coverage, when women count for 50% of society, there is still a lot of work to be done. The campaign’s insight article argues that everyone needs to work together to make this change. Andrew Parkinson, SNTV’s Global Editor, said “We need more top people in the industry to create a plan to bring on women’s sport and the girls of the future. […] Broadcasters and rightsholders need a change of mindset. We all need to invest in this product to grow women in sport, and it will be worth it for a whole host of reasons.” 

SNTV has for years been committed to covering great sport across both male and female events. Over the recent years, SNTV’s coverage of women in sport has increased by more than 70%. As the only agency in the industry consistently and reliably covering women's sports events, the goal is to raise awareness in the industry that women’s sport isn’t yet given the exposure it deserves across the media and brand sponsorship.

As a global sports news video partner, SNTV is committed to covering women’s sport across the globe. SNTV covers the WTA, LPGA, UEFA Women’s Champions League, ICC Women’s World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup, World Women's Handball Championship, Badminton Asia Championships and many more. SNTV believes strongly in the future of women in sport, investing in coverage of female athletes and competitions.

Through its online hub, and its social platforms @sntvstory, SNTV challenges old stereotypes, calling for a mentality shift. Visit the campaign’s hub online and follow the effort on social media via @sntvstory (Check out Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube)

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