Client Zone

Consolidating sntv Planning Emails:
Changes due 12 July 2022

From Tuesday 12 July our broadcast and digital planning emails will be consolidated into one.

You do not need to amend any settings, these changes will be automatically applied. 

Depending on your existing email preferences, you will still receive the following emails which will contain both broadcast and digital prospects. 

  • Daily updates – 00:00 GMT, 08:00 GMT, 18:000 GMT approx. 
  • Weekly update – every Thursday 
  • Monthly update – every last Monday of the month

We are making this change as more of our content is cleared for both broadcast and digital than ever before, and this will reduce the number of emails you receive with duplicate information. 

As always you can amend your email preferences in the Client Zone or by using the link at the bottom of our planning emails. 
If you have any questions regarding the changes please contact