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Our regular news has a shelf-life of 14 days. But if you need access to these news pieces beyond this timeframe, then this add-on subscription is for you. Choose how long you require the window to be and we can make it happen. By upgrading you will be able to use all of our news for re-use at any point during the agreed extended rights window.

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Sports media archive

sntv’s archive content is available on IMG’s new sports media archive platform, IMG Replay. Updated daily with sntv’s sports clips, you will be able to access and download all of sntv’s self-shot news archive material from every major sporting event around the world.

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Historic archive

Since sntv’s launch in 1996 we have been shooting our own news stories from major sporting events around the world. This archive gives you access to 22+ years of the finest sports journalism and includes exclusive news footage from five FIFA World Cups (from France 1998 to Brazil 2014), plus the Olympics as well as niche sporting events from around the world. It also includes profiles and interviews from major stars during their more controversial moments. Think Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius and more.

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