After conversations with our partners over the years we understand there are many questions that you might still have. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions about the sntv service. We hope you find them helpful. If you do need further assistance call us on +44 (0)20 8233 5537/5614 or send us a message.

Who is sntv?

sntv is your world-class sports video news partner. Our clients receive reliable, high-quality, short-form video footage of global sports in the format and timeframe they need, giving their audience a consistent supply of rich and relevant sports news stories. 

We are recognised experts in sports video and understand the complexity of sports rights and restrictions in sharing sports video. Our dedicated sports video crews cover every major sporting competition in the world as well as hundreds of local events. 

What does sntv offer?

World-class sports news and highlights, brought to you by professional sports video journalists across the globe. We plan, crew, produce, edit and rapidly deliver each story, giving you the best sports content on the market. 

Available footage includes breaking sports news, highlights, match previews, player profiles, press conferences, viral videos and fan stories from around the world.

Whichever platforms your audience use, we provide 27,000+ unbeatable sports video stories a year – an average of 60+ unique stories per day - so you can keep them hooked. 

How do I know what sntv will be covering?

Our host of online planning tools help you search for what you need and what’s coming up:

  • Our online planning calendar lets you search by sport, event and region so you can see what we will cover. 
  • Our scripts section lets you search for today's stories, complete with storylines and shotlists, so you can skip right to the part that's relevant to you.
  • We keep you up-to-date by email, opt-in for the top stories of the day, week or month. 
  • Or simply follow @sntvstories on Twitter to find out when the latest story becomes available on our delivery platforms. 
  • We also offer SNTV READY, SNTV LIVE and SNTV viral email alerts so you don’t miss a story.

How can I unsubscribe from sntv emails?

If you want to opt-out of any of our email notifications, you can use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all our emails. You can also adjust your email preferences in the ‘my sntv’ section of our website. 

How can I access the content?

We deliver our content to you via satellite (AP MediaPort) or digitally (AP Video Hub or AP Media API) through the Associated Press’ robust, high-speed global distribution infrastructure.

What format can I expect the content in?

We have two types of video content available, SNTV READY and SNTV RAW

  • SNTV RAW footage is ideal for your newsroom to edit in-house, with bespoke material or native soundbites available on request. 1-6 minutes duration
  • SNTV READY footage can be aired/published with no additional edit required. All SNTV READY content is cleared for digital use. 60-90 seconds duration

I need access to a specific story - Can you help? 

Yes. We have a Sports News Desk available to help with queries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They can help you find existing footage and create a new story or a new angle.

If you want to find a specific story that we have covered, our scripts webpage allows you to search by keyword, as well as filter by an individual sport or date.

If there’s a specific story or interview outside our original planned coverage that you want to show, we will do our best to get that footage for you. Contact our Sports News Desk and we will talk it through with you. 

How long can I use the content for?

Clear information is provided for each clip so that you know how long you can use the material for. 

Typically highlights footage can generally be used for 48 hours, subject to rightsholder restrictions. All news content that is sourced and shot by SNTV - for example press conferences and breaking news - is available to use for 14 days.

If you need to use our footage for longer, we offer an Archive rights extension package. Request a call back to get more information about our archive package.

I want to learn more about sntv, who do I contact?

So that you can see our full breadth of coverage, request a free trial via our website or call us direct on +44 (0)20 8233 5770.
To discuss which package best suits your needs, contact our sales team so we can discuss the options. Request a call back here or sign up for a trial here.

How can I get in contact with sntv if I have any problems?

We are always available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether your question is technical, editorial, or commercial, our customer support is one of our strengths. If you have an editorial query then our editor of the day is on hand to help you can always contact them here, by email planning@sntv.com or by phone on +44 (0)20 8233 5770.

Should you have any technical enquiries about AP Media Port, AP Video Hub or AP Media API please get in contact with AP customer support via email APCustomerSupport@ap.org or by phoning +1(212) 621 7361 (Int.).  

Why should I subscribe to sntv?

We know the content you need to tell the stories that drive and engage your audience. Our Regional Hubs around the world can help with any region-specific or context-specific questions, ensuring that you get the most out of our coverage. 

  • We have one of the biggest portfolios of sports highlights in the world.
  • Breaking stories wherever they happen with our own crew or through the support of the Associated Press’ global network of newsrooms
  • Outstanding, reliable and consistent coverage thanks to the strong relationships we have built with rights holders, event organisers, clubs and sports stars on location to get you inside every story. 
  • Our 24-hour Sports News Desk has a dedicated editorial team who are always available to help - by email or phone - with any queries or requests and have a track record of responding fast.

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