After conversations with our partners over the years we understand there are many questions that you might still have. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions about the sntv service. We hope you find them helpful. If you do need further assistance call us on +44 (0)20 8233 5537/5773 or send us a message.

Who is sntv?

sntv is the world’s leading sports news video agency, providing content from all the major events in the sporting calendar. sntv produces, edits and distributes fast, accurate, relevant and high-quality sports news and event highlights, amounting to over 16,500 video clips per year. Since 1996, sntv has been setting the standard as the world’s leading supplier of unrivalled sports video content.

What does sntv cover?

sntv’s global reputation and longstanding relationships with key rightsholders allows unparalleled access to highlights and news across hundreds of sporting tournaments. sntv's crews are present at all major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, World Cup, European Championships, Grand Slam tennis events, major golf tournaments and so much more.

sntv also offers covers every breaking news story in sports due to its unmatched access to AP worldwide bureaus, enabling sntv to get cameras and crews in place faster than anyone else when it comes to breaking news stories. 

Our full coverage can be viewed here on our sports planner. 

How many clips can I expect?

Clients can expect to receive approximately 45+ unique stories per day, with at least 20 stories dedicated to match action highlights of top sporting events, of which around 12 clips are cleared for digital use.

Approximately 25 video clips will be sntv’s self-shot news content, including clips from pre and post-match press conferences, breaking news, fan reaction, interviews and features, all of which are also cleared for digital usage.

How do I know what sntv will be covering?

sntv send out monthly, weekly and daily email advisories to our clients, both broadcasters and digital publishers, ensuring clients can plan around the unrivalled sntv footage. To receive these planning emails, please register for an account here and update your email preferences. Clients can also request to follow us on twitter @sntvstories and get the latest published breaking news stories straight in your news feed. 

In addition, we offer a sports planner for your longer term planning.

How can I unsubscribe from sntv emails?

You can unsubscribe from our emails using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails. 
Clients can also adjust their email preferences in my sntv section via the email preferences tab.

How can I receive sntv content?

sntv caters for a range of different delivery systems tailored to your needs, including satellite and digital delivery, offering manual download or auto-delivery options. Please see a more detailed explanation of our delivery methods here.

What format can I expect the content in?

sntv content is available in sntv raw and sntv ready formats. sntv raw is our fully customisable format which consists of white label sports news video content in a newsroom ready format allowing for further editing. sntv ready is our consumer-ready product of professionally edited clips of 60-90 seconds duration which require no further editing and are ready to publish.

When will I receive sntv content?

sntv operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. sntv’s 24 hour operating Sports News Desk ensures you get the video content as soon as it’s ready, so you’ll never miss a story. Our extremely quick turnaround time whilst ensuring accuracy is one of sntv’s biggest assets. We also offer video formats in full HD and SD which are made available to clients with full shotlist and scripting information. 

What if I have a bespoke video request?

Here at sntv, we always encourage our clients to get in touch with our editorial news desk if they have any sports news video requirements outside of our original planned coverage and we will always try our best to fulfill our clients’ requests. Contact us to find out more.

Once I subscribe, how long will I be able to use sntv content for?

sntv highlights can generally be used for 48 hours, and sntv news content can be used for up to 14 days, subject to territorial and other time restrictions. You will find full content restrictions accompanying all clips on our website, once logged in. You can also subscribe to the sntv archive so you have access to extended rights on all sntv self-shot news content beyond the initial 14-day window.

I want to subscribe to sntv, who do I contact?

We offer all new enquiries a trial so you and your team can get access to the best sports news video content before you commit. Get in touch with us today by trialing our service. 

How can I get in contact with sntv if I have any problems?

We have six international offices around the globe and our headquarters based in London, where our 24 hour operating Sports News Desk is based. You can contact us here for any of your enquiries. We are always available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving you access to our editors across all time zones.

Should you have any technical enquiries about AP Media PortAP Video Hub or AP Web Feeds please get in contact with AP customer support via email APCustomerSupport@ap.org or by phoning +1(212) 621 7361 (Int.). 

Why should I subscribe to sntv?

At sntv, we understand the importance of getting to every breaking sports news story, as quickly as possible as well as lots of highlights and regular sports news. Thanks to a unique partnership with The Associated Press and our global network, sntv has unparalleled reach to cover every breaking sports news story - with ease and more in-depth than anyone else. 

From the Oscar Pistorius hearing, where crews were on site within hours, to the Boston Marathon bombings - we were the first sports agency to provide footage cleared for digital rights. We are where news is happening before anyone else. Find out more about the benefits of subscribing to our service here.

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