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sntv is the world’s leading sports news video agency. We have dedicated over 20 years to providing you with the best quality sports video news content, whether it be highlights from the greatest international sporting events down to the most engaging, most accurate and most timely sports news content that your audience wants to see.

As the most experienced sports news video agency, we set the standard as the most premium quality provider of fast, relevant and newsworthy sports news and event highlights. Our global network of experienced sports journalists and dedicated producers enable you to get immediate access to sports news video, wherever the news breaks.

Over the years sntv has developed relationships with all the major sports rightsholders to enable us to cover the most prestigious global sports and events, bringing you ever closer to your audience, whatever sport they desire. 

sntv’s content is great with comprehensive sports coverage from a broad range of sporting categories. These are often very interesting stories focused on sports profiles from specific countries that are of great interest to us. It is also great that sntv always keeps us informed of the upcoming coverage and that there is a good level of communication between us at Sportv and sntv when requesting information via email about possible content.

Operations Manager, Sportv/Globo 

We feel very fortunate to be working with sntv; thanks to them we are able to access sporting events from all around the world. Our viewers are also very lucky as they can view excellent global coverage from various sports, all provided by sntv.

Director - News & Programs, NTV SPOR

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