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Upcoming Events

The English Premier League February 2016
The English Premier League
The 24th edition of the English Premier League will be contested from Saturday August 8th to Sunday 15th May.

Look ahead to 2016 coverage February 2016
Look ahead to 2016 coverage
Here are the main events that SNTV will cover over the next few months.

UEFA Champions League February 2015
UEFA Champions League
The 61st edition of European footballs premier club competition, the UEFA Champions League.

UEFA Euro 2016 June 2016
UEFA Euro 2016
The 15th edition of the UEFA European Championship will be held in France during the summer of 2016.

Olympic Games 2016, Rio August 2016
Olympic Games 2016, Rio
The XXXI Olympiad will be held in Rio in the summer of 2016, with competition for 306 events across 28 sports.