At sntv, we know how to cover large scale sporting events including the Olympics, World Cup and Euros. Clients are able to receive unrivalled coverage of the best sporting action and news from the most talked about events in sporting calendar.

sntv's 2014 world cup review

At sntv, we are experts in covering large scale sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup 2014.

The FIFA 2014 World Cup was the 5th World Cup that sntv covered and throughout the tournament sntv produced approximately 2,300 sports videos news; all facilitated by our 20 accredited crews of dedicated sports news video journalists and production teams on the ground in Rio de Janeiro. 


sntv World cup video

sntv world cup facts and figures

  • 1,500* hours of sntv content aired by broadcast clients
  • Equivalent of 53 days of footage
  • Content aired across 77* international markets
  • sntv's 5th World Cup
  • Presence in all 12 host cities
  • 45 stories per day
  • 20 accredited crews
  • 2,300+ stories delivered
*Figures from Teletrax - sntv works with Teletrax to monitor the usage of it's video worldwide by it's broadcast clients. The figures represent only one-third of sntv's total broadcast clients.