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Our comprehensive and detailed sports calendar gives you access to the continuously updated information regarding our upcoming coverage in an easy-to-use calendar format. Once you have registered and logged in, you can search and filter by your favourites, and keep track of all the latest events of interest helping you plan your sports coverage with ease.

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Regular in depth scripting information minimizing turnaround time

Our scripts are a vital planning tool for clients to provide them with detailed scripting information and shotlists for use in conjunction with our sports news videos.

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planning emails

Advisories delivered straight into your inbox with daily, weekly and monthly prospects

Our planning emails are a great tool to help with forward planning. These are delivered straight into your inbox and contain information on sntv’s upcoming coverage with daily, weekly and monthly prospects for both digital and broadcast.

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rights & restrictions

At sntv we have more highlights content than any other agency

We know that rights information are essential for effective planning, hence we provide comprehensive information about our coverage and the restrictions that come with our videos. We continuously work very hard to improve our portfolio and to acquire more rights for both broadcast and digital.

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